In the last few years Tercia Ltd has formed party service business activity beside the traditional food service and lodging activities in connection with their restaurants operated in Kópháza, Sopron, Fertőendréd.

Our company has gained many years of experiences int he field of event planning, organization of business events, wedding ceremonies, garden parties and other events as well.

Our references prove that we always give unique and personalized offers for our customers in case of either family event or business event.

We can provide the organization of events and buffet receptions with a few or even hundreds of participants, too.
Wedding ceremony, wedding-feast, business event, opening ceremony, reception, birthday party, garden party – we can offer solutions for everything!

In case of special requirements we can provide complete organization of events by providing pavilions with voice and light technique, live music and entertainment.

Business events

By the help of our services the illustrious occasions will be real sensation for the organizers and their guests, too!
After the personal consultation our colleagues prepare the personalized offers with creative ideas taking the business demand’s cue.
. Our professional staff provides the complete organisation of your event.

Private and family events

We are working to make the important events and unrepeatable occasions of your life unforgettable.
Our personalized offers meet your and your guests’ gastronomic demands, the place and time of the event as well.

Our services for the events

  • Unique decoration of tables – flowers, balloons, candles, ribbons
  • Table and chair mounting, decoration
  • Organisation of entertainment – artists, music bands, models and others
  • Outdoor pavilions with different size


  • Stage
  • Light and voice technique
  • Scene technique
  • Projection by projector
  • Toilet
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Tercia - Fertőendréd

Tercia Fertőendréd
9442 Fertőendréd, Győri út 2.
Tel.: +36 99/544 640

Tercia - Kópháza

Tercia Kópháza
9495 Kópháza, Soproni út 54.
Tel.: +36 99/531 200

Tercia - Hubertus

Tercia Hubertus
9400 Sopron, Hubertusz út 1.
Tel.: +36 99/513 070

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